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The sorcerer compliments the Fire God's deviousness, and the two eventually decide to settle it all in a final fight. As Liu Kang prepares to use his fire power against him, Raiden comes to a realization: "This has happened before". It was all a gas… for a while. Sindel: Now… Where is Kitana? Raiden: Unfortunately, I cannot transfer my power to Liu Kang yet. Sheeva: It is the Kahn's business, Baraka. Kronika: It should not be. You have taken leave of your senses. Kronika: They are at Shang Tsung's Island. Resurrected Liu Kang: Shao Kahn… He's smashed my legs! Shao Kahn: But we will grant clemency now, and riches in the New Era… to all who renounce Kitana and fight under our command. Young Kung Lao: Is that the Special Forces? As Sheeva overheard the conversation, the two clashed, leading to Sheeva's defeat. Sindel claps her hands. In reality, Sindel was never bewitched. He accused me of “distracting” Shao Kahn. Shang Tsung knows. Sheeva: You need more time to heal. Kitana Kahn: I would go with you, fight by your side, but… That is why it cuts so deeply when we fail. Shao Kahn: Kitana was a false Kahn, a traitor to Outworld. As her time is limited to save her younger parents, if one of her parents or both dies, Cassie will cease to exist, much to Raiden’s fear. The Hourglass will shatter. Sheeva: Thank you, Empress. Resurrected Liu Kang is jump down to face him.] Sub-Zero: That is likely what it will take. However, since they were seen by others during their arrival, they cannot just go to Shang Tsung's island. [He takes out Shinnok's amulet.] I saw mayhem. Shang Tsung: Sindel. We fight to protect our loved ones. I made choices in my life that sealed my fate. We're giving Orderrealm an enema. They fight for the coffin, and Sheeva attacks.] He refused to assert the privileges of our throne. The disguise of Shang Tsung disappears. Prepare to pay for your brother's sins. Kotal: Necromancy is forbidden! A fire portal appears to the right of the magic sphere, which is controlled by Fire God Liu Kang. Shang Tsung: I find your lack of faith amusing. Tarkatans are all mouth and no ears. With Shang Tsung in possession of the Crown, he's become far too dangerous. Jax: There's the Sindel I remember. He grabs and encircles Liu Kang in a lightning force field. It means making choices that break your heart. It would've cost a lot of power, fighting them alone. She approaches and tells Shinnok that the arc of the universe bends at her will, and that it is only a matter of time. Fujin: You have a different plan, Nightwolf? Born into poverty resented my ancestors for giving up our future to colonizers… Kano offered a way out, promising riches if I stole my tribe's most sacred relics. However, Fujin puts the crown on before he is frozen as well and unfreezes Raiden and Shang Tsung, who both helped him in sending Kronika away. No one has ever escaped the Void. This is your only chance. Honor demands that accompany her into battle. [He broke the ice with Shang Tsung. After that, he proceeds to heal Scorpion and apologizes to him, saying that he was also a slave to anger. Kronika: You have no one left to betray. Fire God Liu Kang wins – Liu Kang uses the power of the Hourglass to erase Shang Tsung from existence. Shao Kahn: Let's finish them. Shao Kahn clashed with Liu Kang and defeated him. The Matoka, I must leave to another. She then create a sandstorm, which will end their existence. He tries to attack Liu Kang as well, but Fujin intervenes and defeats him. While in the Jinsei Chamber, they encounter Frost and Geras and eventually defeat them. Sindel takes Shao Kahn to the Soul Chamber. When my purpose was served, she betrayed me, casting me into the Void. Shao Kahn: Wife, I have missed you. She defeated Shao Kahn! Then Shao Kahn invaded embracing his power, taking what was his. Bi—Han, Kano, Shao Kahn! With Kronika's death, they were released from the Void, and have traveled through the Hourglass to stop Fire God Liu Kang from using it. Shao Kahn: Wife. This leads to a showdown between past and present Jax, before the younger Jax defeats his present self. [Raiden is going to hit Young Liu Kang again, but Fujin knocks the amulet out of his hands with magic.] He tells Hanzo of his plan to infiltrate the factory – an assault on the main entrance will be bloody, so he proposes to enter via a less-populated entrance, and obtain help from the inside. Before you start reading, make sure you are familiar with the events of Mortal Kombat 11, as the DLC continues the story. Raiden and Fujin teleport to some evil overlord.] You should have devised a better plan. This is Kirana's battle with Shao Kahn. Fujin: His soul is not yours to take! In the Briggs house, present-day Jax tried to contact his daughter, Jacqui, but her phone was lost connection due to the time quake, which made him frustrated about it. He instead suggests that he be sent back into the past to regain the Crown at his island. Raiden: Our work is finished, Liu Kang. All realms will soon yield to your influence. Raiden gave me one of his "Thunder Hands” massages. How else could you have escaped the Void? Baraka: Sheeva! To make a slave of her as Quan Chi did? With his younger counterpart's death, the older Kano also gets the same wound on his eye that his past self had before he vanishes into sand moments later. Every realm will bend to my will. Some time passes. Believing this to be Shang Tsung's trick, Sub-Zero freezes the sorcerer and asks for Scorpion's assistance in fighting Fujin, but both ninja are defeated. For refusing her, we were banished to avoid beyond time. Geras: I am eternal, Fujin. [They return to the others.] And you took them away! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Even here at time's beginning, the Great Spirit's wisdom guides me. Instead of uniting the realms, she sought to liberate them. Raiden: By the Elder Gods! Nightwolf: It must be why the Great Spirit chose me to wear the mantle. Sonya thanks him for reminding her of the rules, and pulls out a pistol before shooting the younger Kano in the other eye, killing him instantly. But before the trio can escape, Geras arrives to confront Sonya, telling her that Kronika has sent him to avenge Shinnok's defeat at the hands of Cassie Cage. Any Matokan can prove worthy of its power. We do not fight to kill enemies. You can't see the sorcerer himself, though you can recognize his sly—ass crook voice anywhere.] The truth! Jax: We're all on the same side against Kronika. He is gripped by a terrible pain, but he brings it up and stops the whirlwind of time with one wave of his hands.] Cetrion: Yes, mother… I understand. [His words shock Sheeva.] [Shinnok's head, cut off at the beginning of the original game, is placed in some kind of bone mechanism. The Briggs' start to leave Goro's Lair. Sindel: Until our next battle. Sheeva: Let's move quickly. That hair so much as twitches— Shao Kahn breaks another leg.] All Shokan and Tarkatan bow to their new leader — Shao Kahn.] They didn't really GET me. Shao Kahn: How easily you are felled, Kronika. [He lifts Johnny off the ground and hits him on the head with his hammer. Young Shang Tsung: Destiny is mine. Shao Kahn: A thousand years, and you haven't lost a step. [Something surrounds them and starts to move fast. Those cast into the Void do not return. Fujin: And guarantee our failure. After a fierce fight in Kotal Kahn's arena, she congregates with the other "good" kombatants after D'Vorah transports the "bad" kombatants to her hive. Johnny starts to find common ground with his past self as they jointly admire Sonya, before the younger Cage ruins it by being crass and boastful. [Cetrion, defeated, returns to Kronika.] Kitana and her servants enter the hall.] Sheeva: Weak?! Cassie Cage: You school me? Resurrected Sindel: I'm not going to kill you. But Kronika tells them that Raiden's allies fighting Shao Kahn and Kano has bought her precious time to finish off her work at Shang Tsung's Island. Raiden tells her that he cannot bear the dark power of Shinnok's amulet. Shang Tsung: This alliance is temporary. He disarms a trap of spears that has already been stumbled upon by a hapless temple visitor.] English. [A few Shokan enters the dungeon and sees an unconscious Sheeva.] Cyrax and Sektor are the only Story Mode opponents who are unplayable in the game, besides Kronika. Sheeva: You will recover. Depending on the outcome of the fight between Kronika and Fire God Liu Kang, three different scenarios will play: After Kronika's defeat, Fire God Liu Kang is about to restart and reshape history, with mortal Raiden's guidance. The other warriors are unfrozen and prepare for the upcoming battle at Kronika's Isle. Their misplaced confidence will be their demise. Cassie then arrives in the cage, freeing both. Nightwolf: Great Spirit! She calls me to restore history. Raiden tells the two what he have learned, and promises not to lead them to their deaths as Dark Raiden did. [Heroes are arriving on the island. Fujin: You have already been defeated once, Kronika. In Chapter 8, when Sonya puts her foot in Past Kano's neck, he is seen with a circular Cybernetic Heart, instead of his retangular one. Sheeva: Know your place, Outlander. Sub-Zero: Why are you here, Scorpion? Shang Tsung! Once he puts on the crown, Liu Kang uses the Hourglass to create a new timeline, where he meets his ancestor, the. Kitana Kahn. [gushing] And oh, the Hourglass spoiled me! Shang Tsung: Because he had her bewitched. On their trip to the Netherrealm, they are captured by revenant Liu Kang and his minions and taken to Shinnok's Bone Temple. They are ambushed by the revenants of Kabal and Jade, but manage to defeat them. She sculpted my entire existence to serve her, to collect souls for her Crown. During the Outworld timequake, Kollector breaks free from his bondage and, along with Kotal, encounters the past versions of Skarlet, Erron Black, Baraka, Kano, Shao Kahn, Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao, Jade, and Raiden. At least we do not follow that fool, Raiden. Resurrected Liu Kang: Take them to the Bone Temple. Not even me. I have absorbed Kronika's power. No jokes, no gimmicks, just kombat. Fujin: You know the only time Raiden and I ever fought? Shao Kahn: Let the women be, Chosen One. I have chosen you as my champion, Kung Lao. Save your strength for Liu Kang. Kronika: I do not serve. Shang Tsung: Cease your magic before the Hourglass shatters. [Meanwhile, there is a hot fight between Geras and Shang Tsung. Just when Raiden assures the others that Kronika will no longer control them, time is frozen and everyone else along with it, with the exception of Raiden. I am in your debt now. [She bows and then they hug. Erron Black: Then go on and get to it. Suddenly Sheeva enters the dungeons.] Not even that pretty boy, Ninja Mime. Resurrected Liu Kang: We will unleash hell. Young Liu Kang: You love Shao Kahn more than your own daughter? Raiden deduces that the past and present are colliding, while Kotal reunites with his lover, Jade. I will come home. Raiden refuses to listen and attacks Scorpion using Shinnok's amulet. Not without killing my Revenant. Raiden: Per your command Chaosrealm and Orderrealm are next. Sub-Zero and Hanzo discuss what they should do next, both agreeing that they should inform Raiden of their accomplishment. Kronika's my one chance to prevent all that. Geras: Shao Kahn, Sindel. Sub-Zero reassures Cyrax that, whether he is machine or man, he has a warrior's spirit, and as long as Sub-Zero is grandmaster, he will be welcomed to the Lin Kuei. Black responds that he always picks winners, to which Johnny counters that he chose poorly after defeating him. Sheeva: Escort you and your "comrades” to the Soul Chamber? Raiden then threatens her that this timeline will end differently, but Kronika rejects his claims, stating that they have had the same conversation multiple times, but it has never changed the outcome. Shao Kahn: It will be mine to watch you punish him. [Fujin hands the Crown.] [Young Liu Kang brings Raiden.] Shang Tsung: He always had more ego than skill. Nightwolf chops them to pieces with his famous rotary move.] I know them. Young Shang Tsung: Killing Kronika is my destiny. That's why I'll make a new hell for them, where they can burn together… for eternity. Do not condemn the realms to oblivion! Shortly after, Raiden and his allies are on board Kharon's fleet for the final battle. Raiden, Fujin, Shang Tsung and the others were seen preparing to battle Netherrealm's demons.

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