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Later on, Taven encountered a sorcerer from the Netherrealm by the name of Quan Chi. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, After they left, Raiden appeared and told Taven to not go through the portal. With Shao Kahn's threat still looming, many years before Armageddon, Taven and his brother Daegon were put to sleep by their father, Argus, who intended to send his sons in a quest to save the realms from Armageddon. (MK:A), Charge Divine : Taven charge vers l'avant, poussant son adversaire avec son épaule dans un spectacle de feu. Formé du même coup de lancer que certains personnages. With that, kombat began between the two, from which, Taven emerged victorious. Arriving at the temple Taven was immediately attacked by Lin Kuei warriors perceiving him as an intruder. (MK:A). The torture device broke down during the attack and Taven was freed. DaegonShao KahnQuan ChiShang TsungOnagaMavadoRed DragonTekuninSonya BladeReptileSektorScorpionRainShirai RyuMileenaBlack DragonDrahminKiraKobraKabalReikoThe Executioner Although Taven didn't want to leave Caro behind because Orin and him have always been great friends, he believed that he could handle the Red Dragon even in his wounded state so he went through the portal. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. Arriving at his father's temple Taven placed his hand on the altar and Argus appeared. Sub-Zero demanded Taven to choose a side to fight on, and Taven reluctantly decided to help the Lin Kuei. She then looked towards Taven in satisfaction and asked him to "dance", attacking the Edenian half-god. He killed Kia and Jataaka, but unknowingly freed Sareena from Quan Chi's control. With Kintaro defeated, Shinnok sits on his throne. Mavado’s only response was a sly smile. General Information Il fait un caméo dans Mortal Kombat X dans les deux fins de Takeda et Kenshi, où les deux l'ont libéré d'une stalagmite avec des informations sur l'identité de l'assassin de Suchin. The god of wind demanded that Taven returned to Edenia, but Taven refused to do so. He ignored the ichor dripping from his fresh wounds as he leapt over the edge. Rip au torse : Taven déchire son ennemi en deux. –-Raven's battlecry (Mortal Kombat 2012). En mode Konquest, cette attaque est utilisée pour activer les commutateurs Ground Pound placés dans le sol. After battling more of the new intruders, Taven discovered that they were being created by Smoke, a former Lin Kuei assassin, who was now under the control of Noob Saibot, Sub-Zero's older brother. Standing over his brother’s fallen body, Taven heard from Blaze the true purpose of his quest. He needed to do something in order to stop the forces from invading Edenia. They would be awakened one day to fight Blazeand save the realms from Armageddon. Caro accidentally released Daegon too soon and Daegon failed to realize the true purpose of the quest because of it. Reiko alerted Taven that Quan Chi was in the next room, and he is to protect Chi at all costs. After the short conversation Orin teleported Taven to the north, where he would find his mother's gift for him. demanded Taven. C'est lui qui a provoqué la rencontre et l'affrontement entre le monde de Mortal Kombat et celui des Kryptoniens. Alignment As a god, he is used to thinking in terms of eternity rather than normal human lifespans, and so he has a radical… Il l'utilise sous la forme de boules de feu dévastatrices qui peuvent décimer d'un seul coup des rangées d'adversaires de moindre importance, faire sauter d'un seul coup une fourrière qui secoue la terre et fait sauter les ennemis en l'air et leur donner des coups de poing rapides avec son poing enveloppé dans le feu. The portal led to the Netherrealm Cliffs, where Taven found an oni by the name of Drahmin. Taven asked what the Red Dragon were doing there, to what Kano responded that they were trying to create real red dragons with real test subjects, and began to run away, leaving Taven frustrated with more questions. Limping off in great pain, Reiko remarked, "If I must finally fail in my duty, it is a great irony that it will allow the death of Quan Chi.". Eventually, Taven encountered Noob, holding an unconscious Sub-Zero. ", Later on, Taven found Reiko. Taven affronta donc Blaze en Mortal Kombat et triompha de son ultime adversaire, mais bizarrement, le pouvoir contenu dans son armure ne se déclencha pas, la quête avait échoué… Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Blaze went on explaining that all the warriors were engaged in Mortal Kombat at the foot of the pyramid, if they weren't stopped, they would bring Armageddon. Trying to force Taven out of Earthrealm, Fujin attacked Taven, who defeated him and said they have been allies for many ages, before heading into the mountain. When Delia foretold the future of the realms as Armageddon, Argus had his sons put into incubation and guarded by two dragons. Resides L'un des drakeswords de Daegon est en fait celui de Taven. Mortal Kombat Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. At Orin's cave, Taven told Orin about the Red warriors that occupied the Temple of Argus. The dragon opened a portal that he wished Taven to go through while he would stay there and destroy the Red Dragon's stronghold. Es el personaje protagonista en el modo Konquest y es un personaje desbloqueable. After Taven left, Daegon then appeared behind Shinnok's throne. Taven then asked Sub-Zero about the dragon symbol worn by the people that were hunting him down. Head Pop : Taven coupe la tête de son ennemi en deux. A blast of lightning hit Taven and one of the Tekunin appeared, taking Taven who awakens in the Tekunin Warship.

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