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As said in "Pups Save a Train", she has a grandmother, but whether she is paternal (on her father's side of the family) or maternal (on her mother's side) is never said.She is great friends with Ryder and the pups, along with the children of Adventure Bay. Ryder displayed the situation on his pup pad. "Glad you hurried over, pups", Ryder said, "we have an emergency.". "Alright", Katie said, "I'll be back to check on you later.". Katie was walking to the Look-Out with a basket full of treats, for the pups, and a home cooked meal for Ryder. "I'm not sure which fact is more surprising", Skye said, "that the happy birthday song costs money, or that it took two people to write it.". Ryder es un niño de 10 años, experto en tecnología, es muy inteligente y es el líder de los Paw Patrol. Katie walked away, and then noticed Chase and Skye. ", "Excellent", Katie said, "now, let's make this party perfect.". Siempre están listos cuando se trata de ayudar en la bulliciosa ciudad de Bahía Aventura, mientras enseñan a los chicos a resolver problemas a través del trabajo en equipo. "I think I'll save that one for last", Ryder said. ", "Oh", Rubble said, "well, we've still got time.". At the end of the episode, she is seen when Rocky reluctantly takes a bath after falling into a puddle of mud. ", "Good", Katie said, "I'm going to go check on the cake.". PAW Patrol es un equipo de cachorros (Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble y Skype) liderado por el energético Ryder. "Too small", Katie said, "needs to be bigger. "PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder sir", Chase said. Katie is a young girl who works at the Adventure Bay pet parlor. Position Katie walked away, and noticed Chase and Skye. Nicknames https://pawpatrol-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Pups,_Katie,_And_Ryder%27s_Birthday?oldid=10826. PAW Patrol (PAW Patrol: Patrulla de Cachorros en Latinoamérica, y La Patrulla Canina en España) es una serie de animación canadiense creada por Keith Chapman (que también ha creado Bob el constructor) y producida por Guru Studio.La serie se estrenó el 12 de agosto de 2013 en Nickelodeon (en Estados Unidos) y en TVOntario el 27 de agosto de 2013. Hey everybody, I'm back. Katie went into the kitchen to check on Rocky and Zuma, and noticed that they stacked the cake onto two other cakes. She is loving and caring and also has a pet cat named Cali, who she is usually seen with. ", "Aww, dang it", Farmer Al said, "I'm gonna need some more screws.". "Think you can do that for the rest", Katie asked. El equipo Paw Patrol Ryder Con la voz de Owen Mason (temporadas 1 - 2), Elijha Hammill (2 - 3), Jaxon Mercey (temporadas 3 - 6) y Joey Nijem (temporada 6 - presente). Ryder walked over to the gifts, and noticed Everest and Tracker covered in bandages. Conoce a los ocho integrantes del equipo Paw Patrol Si eres de los que ha escuchado hablar de los personajes de Paw Patrol, pero no sabe quiénes son, aquí te los presentamos. ", "Yours", Katie said, "your perfect party.". Human "Alright", Chase said, "let's take it from the top.". Katherine Forrester (Season 1-present) She is great friends with Ryder and the pups, along with the children of Adventure Bay. Little Heroes, Big Dino Rescues! Voice (US/Canada): "And, Rubble", Ryder said, "I need you to use your rig to hold up the barn wall while Farmer Al finishes fixing it. Rocky es uno de los principales protagonistas de la serie PAW Patrol. "Marshall, I'll need you to use your ladder to climb up and save Farmer Al", Ryder said. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Little Heroes, Big Dino Rescues! "Seriously", Rocky asked, "we're doing our best! ", "I appreciate that", Ryder said, "but this isn't exactly what I envisioned. "I didn't have any white wrapping paper with red paint splatters on it", Katie said. Dislikes Es un cachorro Eco macho de raza mestiza y es el quinto miembro de PAW Patrol.Su propósito principal es usar artículos reciclados para reparar objetos rotos como torres de agua y porterías de fútbol. She loves Cali with all her heart. Él es un niño de 10 años experto en tecnología que se encarga de mantener al equipo en óptimas condiciones para cualquier eventualidad. Marshall grabbed a small flashlight and looked into their throats. ", "That's right", Katie said, "let's remember that this is for Ryder.". She can get annoyed by Rocky being stubborn about baths, though. "PAW Patrol, to the lookout", Ryder said. "Why aren't you two singing", Katie asked. Katie from PAW Patrol, she is a 10-year-old girl around Ryder's age. Saving the day is more adventurous than ever with the Dino Patroller, the first-ever motorized PAW Patrol team vehicle! Ryder and the pups being interrupted by an emergency in the middle of their playtime; PAW Patrol Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. "Well, we can't afford the rights to that song, so we don't have a choice", Katie said. "Alright, alright", Chase said, "we'll see what we can do. Katie walked over to Ryder, and the two shared a hug. Katie has pale skin with blue eyes and blonde hair with a red hairband with two pink hearts. Katie is a young tomboyish girl who works as a pet groomer and doctor at the local pet parlor. Unknown Are you ready for a prehistoric adventure? I know it's been a while, but I just wanted to do something again. She considers Cali a comfort animal, as shown in "Pups Save Luke Stars", when she kept Cali by her side to soothe her stage fright. "Si", Tracker said, "gift wrapping is muy doloroso, very painful. PAW Patrol es una serie preescolar , acción y aventura protagonizada por un paquete de ocho cachorros famosos: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Skye, Everest y Tracker (el último de los cuales se añadió a la serie en la temporada 3) que son guiados por un chico experto en tecnología de 10 años de edad llamado Ryder. Ryder picked up a present with white wrapping paper that had red splatters on it. Abriella Bierer. She wears a pink striped shirt, blue short pants, and purple shoes. Unnamed grandmother Katie spent the afternoon doing things like tell Everest and Tracker to work through their pain, make Chase and Skye practice singing, and tell Rocky and Zuma to make the cake bigger, and eventually, Ryder, Marshall, and Rubble were on their way to the parlor. Katie picked up a present and wrapped it almost at lightning speed. "Farmer Al was doing some repairs on his barn, when the wall came loose and fell down, and now he's stuck on the roof", Ryder said. "A flea bath", Marshall said, "I'm feeling really itchy.". I decided to write some moments of the Paw Patrol, especially with Ryder and his twins, Aldin and Esther, which of course they are my second gen human OCs. Gender 1. 1 Episode Galleries 1.1 Season 1 1.2 Season 2 1.3 Season 3 1.4 Season 4 1.5 Season 5 1.6 Season 6 1.7 Season 7 1.8 Special Episodes 2 General Gallery Add a photo to this gallery Pups, Katie, And Ryder's Birthday is the first story by Moose513 on this wiki. PAW Patrol: Patrulla de Cachorros. It's Ryder's birthday, and Katie teams up with the pups to surprise him, but she begins to become sort of a tyrant leader. "Today's your special day", Katie said, "let's start by singing our totally original happy birthday song.". At Katie's pet parlor, the pups were awaiting their assignments. "Right", Katie said, "and in the meantime, let's move on to some cake. Ryder tried to come up with the right way to tell Katie that the party wasn't very good, but was having trouble. They went inside, and saw that all the lights were turned off. "That should buy us some time", Chase said, "let's get back to Katie's and get to work.". Relatives "The representatives of Patty and Mildred Hill", Katie said. Female ♀ Marshall paced while trying to come up with something, and tripped and bumped into the barn wall, causing Farmer Al to accidentally drop his box of screws. "Excellent", Katie said, "I'll be back to check on you guys.". Explore the Dino Wilds and take on dino-sized challenges with PAW Patrol! PAW Patrol NEW MV Collection featuring Sweetie and Chase! ", "Well, we need those gifts wrapped", Katie said, "so suck it up and keep working!". She is showing her bare feet. Likes Later, Katie noticed that there were shreds of wrapping paper all over the floor. Voice (UK): Pups, Katie, And Ryder's Birthday is the first story by Moose513 on this wiki. Episode debut "Katie", Ryder said, "about this party...", "Well", Ryder said, "it's great and all, but...". "Yep, definitely", Marshall said, "they must've been singing too much. Paw-Patrol Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Back at the pet parlor, Katie checked up on Everest and Tracker, who were putting Band-Aids on their paws. "Marshall, I think we may need to stall for more time", Rubble said. "Yeah, but it might be hard", Rocky said. "Pups Make a Splash" Ryder and the PAW Patrol, Cali, caring for animals, giving animals baths, grooming animals, Luke Stars, young kids Chase and Skye tried to sing, but couldn't, as they had lost their voices. Katie is kind, loving and caring. ", "I know", Chase said, "we were thinking of what to do for him. "That's blood", Everest said, "one too many paper cuts.". I hope you all enjoy it. ", "Alright", Ryder said, "PAW Patrol is on a roll!". Pups Save the Sea Turtles- Katie discover baby sea turtles on the beach while looking for Alex'… Species "He's right", Skye said, "simple, on point, melodic.". ", "Well, I was thinking of throwing him a party", Katie said, "and I'd like you guys' help. 2. "Wow", Ryder said, "this is some cool wrapping paper.". "Well, what are we supposed to sing instead", Chase asked. La serie trata de un gran equipo de cachorros animados liderados por Ryder. She is friendly and patient to just about everyone. "Everest, you and Tracker help with wrapping the presents", Katie said. Katie cares about animals and makes sure they are healthy, well-bathed, and happy. Elsewhere, Rubble was holding up the barn wall with his bulldozer while Farmer Al was screwing it to the roof. It's Ryder's birthday, and Katie teams up with the pups to surprise him, but she begins to become sort of a tyrant leader. She seems to be a big sister figure to Alex. "I think they've lost their voices", Ryder said. Are you ready for a prehistoric adventure? "I'm sorry, Ryder", Katie said, "I was just trying to give you the best birthday you could ask for. "Who are the dirty scums trying to make money off of the most well-known song in the English language", Chase asked. Explore the Dino Wilds and take on dino-sized challenges with PAW Patrol! "Great job", Katie said, "now I need you to practice as many times as you can.". I also wanted to decide for this would be updated in the later days. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Did you come up with a new birthday song", Katie asked. Here is a gallery of Katie's types of clothing throughout the series. ", "Great", Katie said, "now, we're going to have to keep him busy somehow.". "I know", Ryder said, "so for this mission, I'll need...". Pups Fall Festival- Katie makes a brief cameo appearance, being seen at the titular festival. Pretty soon, Ryder, Katie, and the pups were running around and throwing cake at each other, having a good time at Ryder's birthday. ", "Oh", Katie said, "well, what did you envision? Paw Patrol es una serie para niños en edad preescolar de acción y aventura. "We have to pay to sing the happy birthday song", Skye asked. Katie Featured Character (September 2015) "What happened", Katie asked, "why aren't the presents wrapped? "All this work is giving us paper cuts", Everest said. Five Night's At Kasey's (Animatronic Version), Pepperthewaterrescuepup/Q:A with my characters, Angelinatheballerinapup/Thinking of taking a break, MV's featuring songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Marshall's Memories" MV Nirvana Come As You Are. Pups Make a Splash- Katie is seen at at her pet parlor at the beginning of the episode, where Cali is trying to get Rocky to take a bath. ", "Pups, this is for Ryder", Katie said, "so if I say make it bigger, you make it bigger. "Nice work, Marshall", Rubble said, "that'll buy us some time. Es un dálmata cachorro, por lo cual su piel está cubierta de manchas negras y sus ojos son azul cielo preciosos. Rocky es un cachorro de raza mestiza, y su labor en el equipo es la de reciclar/reutilizar.

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