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This was allegedly found at the mausoleum of the Roman Emperor Alexander Severus and his family at Monte Del Grano. [29] In 231 AD, Ardeshir invaded the Roman provinces of the east, overrunning Mesopotamia and penetrating possibly as far as Syria and Cappadocia, forcing from the young Alexander a vigorous response. "[42], Herodian, on the other hand, was convinced that "the emperor's miserliness (partly the result of his mother's greed) and slowness to bestow donatives" were instrumental in the fall of military discipline under Alexander. [11] As a young, immature, and inexperienced adolescent, Alexander knew little about government, warcraft, or the role of ruling over an empire. Their marriage was arranged by Alexander's mother, Mamaea. The actual mausoleum, called Monte di Grano, is the third in size in Rome after the ones of Hadrian and of Augustus. Sucesor: Maximino el Tracio: Información personal; Nombre secular: Marco Aurelio Severo Alejandro: Nacimiento: 1 de octubre de 208 Arca Cesarea: Fallecimiento: 18 de marzo de 235 (26 años) Moguntiacum, Germania Superior: Familia; Dinastía: Dinastía Severa: Padre: Marco Julio Gesio Marciano: Madre: Julia Mamea: Cónyuge: Salustia Orbiana (225-227) [39] Alexander managed to suppress the uprising, and Taurinus drowned while attempting to flee across the Euphrates. [citation needed] The emperor returned to Rome and celebrated a triumph in 233. However, Rome was militarily confronted with the rising Sassanid Empire and growing incursions from the tribes of Germania. The Law Firm may also share the [...] information with a successor in interest, an affiliate [...] or its consultants who are obligat It was the rumor of Alexander's death that triggered the assassination of Elagabalus and his mother.[3]. Under these circumstances the army swiftly looked to replace Alexander.[48]. [63][64], Also according to the Historia Augusta, Alexander's "chief amusement consisted in having young dogs play with little pigs." Alexander's death at the hands of his troops can also be seen as the heralding of a new role for Roman emperors. Gaius Iulius Verus Maximinus was the next best option. [40] In 228, the Praetorian Guard murdered their prefect, Ulpian,[40] in Alexander's presence. [56] Pietro Bartoli indicates that the vase contained the ashes of Severus Alexander. BiographySarduy went to the equivalent of high school in Camagüey and in 1956 moved to Havana, where he began… …   Wikipedia, Severo Alejandro — Severo Alejandro, Marco Aurelio * * * latín Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander orig. [30] Of the war that followed there are various accounts. He continued all privileges towards Jews during his reign,[61][62] and the Augustan History relates that Alexander placed images of Abraham and Jesus in his oratory, along with other Roman deities and classical figures. Alexander's 13-year reign was the longest reign of a sole emperor since Antoninus Pius. According to some sources inside the same sarcophagus in 1582 a precious glass urn was found, the Portland Vase, currently on display at the British Museum in London. A German servant entered the tent and initiated the call for Alexander's assassination, at which point many of the troops joined in the attack. Upon his accession he reduced the silver purity of the denarius from 46.5% to 43%—the actual silver weight dropped from 1.41 grams to 1.30 grams; however, in 229 he revalued the denarius, increasing the silver purity and weight to 45% and 1.46 grams. [20], In religious matters, Alexander preserved an open mind. His mother Julia Mamaea was in the same tent with Alexander and soon fell victim to the same group of assassins.[50]. Because of this, he hoped the mere threat of his armies would be sufficient to persuade the hostile tribes to surrender. Busqui paraules i frases Milions en tots els idiomes. A súa avoa, verdadeira gobernante na sombra e promotora do nomeamento de Heliogábalo como emperador, comprendeu que os excesos deste emperador estaban a levar ós Severos por mal camiño, xa que a súa perda de popularidade entre o pobo romano, as lexións e senadores era xa patente; conseguiu que no 221 se lle concedese a virilis toga e que fose nomeado por Heliogábalo como césar e sucesor. The Portland vase itself was borrowed and near copied by Josiah Wedgewood who appears to have added modesty drapery. Alexander Severus. [47], It was this decision that resulted in the legionaries looking down upon Alexander. [13], Lampridius documents two theories that elaborate on Severus's assassination. Alejandro Representación en un mosaico de Alejandro Magno en la batalla de Issos …   Wikipedia Español, Alejandro de Jerusalén — San Alejandro de Jerusalén Fallecimiento 251 Caesarea Maritima, Siria Palestina Venerado en Iglesia católica, Iglesia ortodox …   Wikipedia Español, Severo Sarduy — (Camagüey, Cuba; February 25, 1937 – Paris; June 8, 1993) was a Cuban poet, author, playwright, and critic of Cuban literature and art. [7], Severus Alexander became emperor when he was around 14 years old, making him the youngest emperor in Rome's history, until the ascension of Gordian III. [16] Excessive luxury and extravagance at the imperial court were diminished,[17] and he restored the Baths of Nero in 227 or 229; consequently, they are sometimes also known as the Baths of Alexander after him. They considered him dishonorable and feared he was unfit to be Emperor. Alexander could not openly punish the ringleader of the riot, and instead removed him to nominal post of honor in Egypt and then Crete, where he was "quietly put out of the way" sometime after the excitement had abated. A new and menacing enemy started to emerge directly after Alexander's success in the Persian war. [54] Yet by arrogating the power to dethrone their emperor, the legions paved the way for a half-century of widespread chaos and instability. Cuando llegó a emperador se le otorgaron los títulos de Augusto y Pater Patria. [citation needed] His advisers were men like the senator and historian Cassius Dio, and it is claimed that he created a select board of 16 senators,[14] although this claim is disputed. [43], While Alexander was being educated in the Christian doctrines, the northern portion of his empire was being invaded by Germanic and Sarmatian tribes. [13] Alexander divorced and exiled Orbiana in 227, after her father, Seius Sallustius, was executed after being accused of treason. [65], Media related to Severus Alexander at Wikimedia Commons. With the Thracian's hailing came the end of the Severan Dynasty,[49] and, with the growing animosity of Severus' army towards him, the path for his assassination was paved. Alexander's grandmother Maesa believed that he had more potential to rule than her other grandson, the increasingly unpopular emperor Elagabalus. Alexander's mother, Julia Mamaea, asked for Origen to tutor Alexander in Christianity. [52], This theory has it that, in an open tent after his lunch, Alexander was consulting with his insubordinate troops, who compared him to his cousin Elagabalus, the divisive and unpopular Emperor whose own assassination paved the way for Alexander's reign. Gessius Bassianus Alexianus ( 209 AD, Fenicia–235, Galia). [13] He employed noted jurists to oversee the administration of justice, such as the famous jurist Ulpian. He managed to check the threat of the Sassanids. [33] Making Antioch his base, he organized in 233 a three-fold invasion of the Sassanian Empire; at the head of the main body he himself advanced to recapture northern Mesopotamia, while another army invaded Media through the mountains of Armenia, and a third advanced from the south in the direction of Babylon. In 234, the barbarians crossed the Rhine and Danube in hordes that caused alarm as far as Rome. Her father was a man of consular rank; her grandfather's name was Catulus.[59]. [15] He also created a municipal council of 14 who assisted the urban prefect in administering the affairs of the 14 districts of Rome. Severus Alexander (/ s ə ˈ v ɪər ə s /; Latin: Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus; c. 208 – 19 March 235) was Roman Emperor from 222 to 235 and the last emperor of the Severan dynasty.He succeeded his cousin Elagabalus upon the latter's assassination in 222. Fue oriundo de la ciudad de Afrodisias, en Caria.… …   Wikipedia Español, Alejandro Radetic — Datos personales Nombre Alejandro Radetic Nacionalidad …   Wikipedia Español, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. His most famous wife was Sallustia Orbiana, Augusta, whom he married in 225 when she was 16 years old. [5] Of his birth name, only two cognomina are known, from literary sources: Bassianus (Greek: Βασσιανός) according to the historian Cassius Dio, and Alexianus (Greek: Αλεξιανός) according to Herodian. The first claims that the disaffection of Mamaea was the main motive behind the homicide. Enciclopedia Universal. It seems likely that Bassianus was his family name, since several of his relatives were also called as such, and Alexianus his actual given name, which was later converted to Alexander. Puedes añadirlas así o avisar …   Wikipedia Español, Alejandro — is the Spanish form of the name Alexander.Alejandro is also the name of these places: * Alejandro de Humboldt National Park ( Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt ), a national park in Cuba * Alejandro Selkirk Island, an island in the Juan… …   Wikipedia, Alejandro — puede referirse a: Contenido 1 Nombre 1.1 Personajes históricos 1.2 Alejandro I 1.3 Alejandro II 1.4 …   Wikipedia Español, Severo — puede ser: Septimio Severo (emperador romano 193–211) Alejandro Severo (emperador romano 222–235) Severo II (emperador romano 305–307) Libio Severo (emperador romano 461–465) Esta página de desambiguación cataloga artículos relacionados con el… …   Wikipedia Español, Alejandro (nombre) — Para otros usos de este término, véase Alejandro. Pusillanimity was responsible for the revolt of Alexander's army, resulting in Severus falling victim to the swords of his own men,[50] following the nomination of Maximinus as emperor. [24] He also confirmed that soldiers could free their slaves in their wills,[25] protected the rights of soldiers to their property when they were on campaign,[26] and reasserted that a soldier's property acquired in or because of military service (his castrense peculium) could be claimed by no one else, not even the soldier's father. [45] Severus enforced a strict military discipline in his men that sparked a rebellion among his legions. Retrieved August 25, 2020 from New Advent: Tulane University "Roman Currency of the Principate", 1901–1906 Jewish Encyclopedia article "Alexander Severus",, "Severus Alexander (222–235 AD): The Calm before the Storm", Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft, L. Roscius Aelianus Paculus Salvius Julianus,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2019, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Articles incorporating a citation from the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia with Wikisource reference, Wikipedia articles with CINII identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with Trove identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus, This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 15:27.

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