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wwe main events 2009

Although Flair declined (honoring his retirement from active competition), he offered to be in the corner of Piper, Steamboat, and Snuka for their challenge against Jericho in a handicap match. [43] The two teams continued their feud in the coming weeks, and while the initial focus of the feud was the competition for the Bella Twins, the feud took on a dual purpose as each team successfully defended their respective titles in subsequent matches with both teams retaining their respective belts; it was announced on the March 17 episode of ECW that the WWE and World Tag Team titles would be unified at WrestleMania into what would be called the "Unified WWE Tag Team Championship". Wrestling wrote that it was "solid and had its share of drama, but the lack of outside interference or plot twists of any kind failed to spark the same feeling of energy Reliant Stadium had in it a few hours before. When he arrived, Edge joined him in tying Cena up within the ring ropes. Punk's victory marked his second consecutive victory in the match.[36]. Jericho accepted the challenge, but subsequently attacked and bloodied Flair.[50]. [7] WrestleMania 25 generated approximately 960,000 pay-per-view buys, grossing $21.0 million in revenue. This led to an exchange of signature moves and submission holds, which saw Michaels escape The Undertaker's Hell's Gate and dodge multiple attempts at the chokeslam while Undertaker blocked attempts at Michaels' Sweet Chin Music. Orton would then begin a feud with Cena while Triple H would go out to re-unite DX. Gordon Holmes of Comcast criticized the mini-concert by Kid Rock, stating that "Kid Rock gets ten minutes and The Miz and Morrison don’t? At one point, Orton threw Triple H to a turnbuckle where the referee was standing, causing him to collide, and knocked out the referee. Fittingly, each drove their anger in his direction: Edge speared him, Vickie slapped him and Big Show drove his giant fist into Cena's ribs several times before clocking him in the jaw. [26] The event featured wrestlers from WWE's Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brands—a storyline division in which WWE's employees are assigned to a television program of the same name.[27]. [8][9] The event pumped an estimated $49.8 million into the local economy and generated $5.7 million in local tax revenue, equating to 600 full-time jobs for the area. It took place on April 5, 2009, at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. Punk went on to win the match after he grabbed the hanging briefcase. WWE WrestleMania Revenge Tour 2009 - Birmingham Promotion WWE Date April 22, 2009 Venue LG Arena City Birmingham, England Last Event Liverpool Next Event Glasgow WWE WrestleMania Revenge Tour 2009 - Birmingham was a House show of the WrestleMania's tour of Europe, which took place on April 22, 2009 at the LG Arena in Birmingham, England. "[59], The Randy Orton vs. At Backlash Randy Orton and The Legacy defeated Triple H, Shane, and Batista for the WWE Championship. Have fun and enjoy. Undertaker won the match after Michaels attempted another moonsault only to be caught in mid-air, and landed into another Tombstone Piledriver. It took place on April 26, 2009, at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. With the match accepted by JBL, this would be the first time since WrestleMania X8 that the Intercontinental Championship would be defended at WrestleMania. The first of these matches saw The Undertaker defeat Shawn Michaels. The Undertaker also returned at SummerSlam and attacked the then-World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk. [39] Over the following weeks, the participants competed in eight-man tag team matches and an eight-man battle royal. [53], A singles match for the Intercontinental Championship was next, in which Rey Mysterio faced defending champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield. wwe. The following are the Bragging Rights results which highlights the first ever superiority match between the Team Smackdown and Team Raw; as well as the Fatal 4-way Match results of Undertaker defending his championship belt against Batista, Mysterio and Punk; and The Iron Man Match results of Randy Orton defending his WWE Championship title against John Cena. WrestleMania 25 received mixed reviews from various sources. The rivalry between Triple H and Randy Orton continued after WrestleMania when both men would meet in a six-man tag team match at Backlash on the following episode of Raw. The action began with some brawling and some early teamwork from Big Show and Edge before their alliance crumbled. [23], As with previous WrestleMania events, a series of events were held in the week preceding WrestleMania 25. 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[6] For the third consecutive year, WrestleMania broke the record for the highest-grossing pay-per-view in WWE history, grossing US$6.9 million in ticket sales, which included fans from all 50 U.S. states, 24 countries, and seven Canadian provinces. This WWE Main Events photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. The finish came with Punk and Kane on top of the ladder, which saw Punk execute a series of kicks on Kane from atop the ladder, knocking him off. Then at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Shawn cost The Undertaker his World Heavyweight Championship. The Miz & R-Truth. [29] The next week on Raw, Michaels defeated JBL, but it was later announced that another competitor would stand in his way to prevent him from advancing to the show in the form of Vladimir Kozlov, who also made a challenge to Undertaker;[30] the two wrestled the next week on Raw with Michaels defeating Kozlov, and earning his match with Undertaker. CM Punk had hit the "GTS" (Go to Sleep) yet remarkably Hardy kicked out. It featured talent from the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brands. [42] After their loss, Miz and Morrison proceeded to harass their defeaters on their weekly Internet show, the Dirt Sheet, as well as profess the brothers' impotence towards their associates, The Bella Twins. [34] The next week on Raw, Vickie announced to the surprise of Edge and Big Show that Cena would be in the matchmaking it a Triple Threat match. As Orton made his way back to the ring, Triple H delivered a punt kick to Orton. The next night on Raw, the Undertaker accepted the rematch, but only on the condition that Michaels would retire from WWE if he lost. Popular Quizzes Today. by mattemery26 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . However, Snuka was standing too far back and Undertaker landed almost head first on the protective mats surrounding the ring. At No Way Out, Shawn Michaels defeated John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) in a match with the added stipulation that if JBL had won, he would have become the owner of Michaels' name and likeness. The next match pitted The Undertaker against Shawn Michaels. It took place on November 22, 2009, at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. [30] The next week of Raw, Kane defeated Rey Mysterio and Mike Knox in another Triple Threat match. [31] The next week on Raw, Undertaker and Michaels defeated Kozlov and JBL in a tag match. Triple H main event was generally regarded by critics as a disappointing ending to the show. It was the 23rd annual Survivor Series event and starred wrestlers from the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brand divisions.. Cena returned Edge to the ring before applying the STF before Big Show came to his senses, and broke up the action, leading to Cena and Edge teaming up to remove Big Show from the equation before turning on each other. It was at this point that CM Punk cashed in his "Money in the Bank" briefcase. [58] Arash Markazi of Sports Illustrated wrote that Mickey Rourke's appearance "may have been one of the worst executed in WrestleMania history. WrestleMania 25 (also marketed as The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania) was the 25th annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). [31] The following weeks saw Triple H attack Orton both backstage and at his house. This featured a multitude of moments that saw the Hardys assault each other with many different weapon-based attacks, which included assaults with numerous objects under the ring and Jeff splash from the top turnbuckle through a pair of tables, with Matt sandwiched between the two and a chair. [18] Other songs used at the event include "Crash" by Decyfer Down and "Touched" by VAST. The match would pit Triple H, Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon against The Legacy (Orton with his protégés, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes). Shawn came back to reform D-Generation X with Triple H so that they came face to face with The Legacy at SummerSlam. After the main event of the March 2 episode of Raw, SmackDown general manager Vickie Guerrero announced that her husband Edge would defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Big Show at WrestleMania. As her first act, Guerrero announced that John Cena would defend his World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash against Edge in a Last Man Standing match. To summarize the results of WWE TLC matches, they are the following; just be ready for some surprises with many change in titles that took place: [19][20], According to WWE's executive vice president, Michelle Wilson, WrestleMania 25 featured the most extensive promotional campaign in WrestleMania history. Triple H was put out of action after being punted by Orton after the events of the pay-per-view, while Shane was attacked by Legacy and was taken out on a stretcher. The match spilled to the outside seeing Edge spear Big Show through the guardrail. The buildup to WrestleMania 25 also included a rivalry between brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy. The match was littered with many notable moments, including a series of the match's combatants performing dives onto the floor of the arena onto each other, as well as Benjamin diving off of the top of a ladder with a senton bomb onto his opponents. After the match, Kid Rock performed a live medley of songs: "Bawitdaba", "Rock N Roll Jesus", "Cowboy", "All Summer Long", and "So Hott". The animosity between Matt and Jeff Hardy continued on the episode of SmackDown following WrestleMania, leading to continued assaults between the two; newly appointed SmackDown general manager, Theodore Long would announce one last match between the two at Backlash, an "I Quit" match. "[61] Wade Keller gave the match 3.75 out of 5. The idea was for Michaels to push the referee out of the way, and pull Snuka into the path of Undertaker and for Snuka to catch Undertaker before he hit the ground. As a result of this victory, The Undertaker remained undefeated at WrestleMania, extending his record to 17–0. [36] To participate in the match, a wrestler had to first qualify for it by winning a match; this process began on the February 23 episode of Raw, in which CM Punk qualified by defeating The Miz and John Morrison in a Triple Threat match. [38] Finlay was the final wrestler to qualify for the match when he defeated The Brian Kendrick on the March 13 episode of SmackDown. Before the event was aired live, the crowd in attendance were treated to a dark match, which featured the WWE Tag Team Champions The Colóns (Carlito and Primo) compete against the World Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz in a Lumberjack match, which has a number of wrestlers surround the ring in order to keep any competitor from avoiding the match, to unify the World Tag Team Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship. WWE spent US$10 million for cross-channel spots on television networks such as ESPN, MTV and the USA Network. Rock bottom. The Bragging Rights results prove to favor the fans with the triumph of John Cena defeating the former WWE champion Randy Orton and prevent a humiliating experience of being evicted from Monday Night Raw; as well as the victory of the Undertaker being still the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world. As a result, Guerrero arranged a match pitting Edge against Cena with herself serving as a special guest referee. The eleventh event under the Backlash banner, it involved talent from the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brand divisions. Hardy had managed to trap Edge between the ladder, climb it, and retrieve the hanging belt. It took place on April 5, 2009, at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. randy orton. After the match, Jericho challenged Mickey Rourke, sitting at ringside, to come into the ring. After the events of WrestleMania, both Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker took a four-month hiatus from the WWE. Wrestlers were portrayed as either a villain or a hero as they followed a series of events that built tension, and culminated into a wrestling match or series of matches.

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